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How to Make Money With Cryptocurrency



How to Make Money With Cryptocurrency

How to make money with cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrency adoption increases, so does the number of real-world uses. Everything from physical goods, hotel bookings, Bars and restaurants accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

These currencies have a huge number of advantages. This is what makes them so attractive to both long-term investors and short-term investors.

There are many ways to make money with cryptocurrency. while people are out of work they might find interest in the multitude of methods available that individuals can use to make digital currencies online. cryptocurrencies are simply currencies that do not have a centralized lender like a country’s central bank. They are created using computer encryption techniques that limit the amounts of monetary units (or coins) created and then verify any transfer of the funds after their creation.

How to make money with cryptocurrency

Here are the popular ways to make money with cryptocurrency:

  • Mining
  • Lending
  • ICO
  • Trading


Mining is the process of producing new cryptocurrency or Bitcoins. This is where you use your computer to mine for bitcoin i.e use the computational power of your computer(s) to help verify certain transactions on the blockchain and be rewarded with Bitcoin or other coins. You can mine through cloud mining. with cloud mining, you can make money with cryptocurrencies even if you don’t own any hardware or don’t have the technical know-how to start mining on their own.

Cloud Mining Company


Smart investors make their money work for them. By placing your money in the right platform and programs, it can quickly multiply. This where traders borrow your coins to trade with. They have to give it back to you with interest.

Trading cryptocurrencies is not the best and only way to earn a profit by leveraging your current holdings. Lenders will deposit part of their crypto holdings on the platform. The coin is then made available for borrowers at a preset interest rate.

Borrowers can then create an account and take on a loan for a specific period of time. Once the lending time has expired, the borrower will return the funds and pay an interest rate on top of the service.

Lending platform:


An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the initial placement of tokens on the blockchain. It is a specific crowdfunding model. ICO participants finance the development of a project in return for future benefits.

ICO is the issuance of coupons or tokens by a certain project to be used to pay for site services with cryptocurrency in the future. Recently there lots of new Initial Coin Offerings where, if you get it right, you can invest $1000 and turn it into $20,000 or even $50,000 in a short period of time.
There are a lot of ICO nowadays. You can make money with an ICO by taking a big risk with the chance to make high profits. ICO is a high-risk way of fundraising.

When you have already chosen an Initial Coin Offering and decide to invest in it, you should constantly monitor the information of the startup. You can keep track of ICOs on, Icorating, and


Trading in the cryptocurrency exchange does not differ much from trading in the stock exchange. It’s just important to know how to analyze charts, make well-considered decisions, not to fear, trade out of emotions or rumors, and be ready to lose everything.

If you are good at trading, then you can make a lot of profits trading digital assets on a regular basis.  Don’t forget, it is important to never invest any money that you can’t afford to lose.

You can trade part-time or even make it a full-time job to make money, which provides enough income for an individual to survive. It’s not easy learning how to trade cryptocurrency and people should only swap what they can afford to lose. However, it is quite possible to make a living by trading in the crypto markets.

On the cryptocurrency exchange, you work with orders to buy or sell. By placing an ordering, you set the price lower or higher than the available price. you state how many coins you want to buy and your price. If the market reaches your price, the order is filled.

Well-Know Exchange to Trade

When choosing cryptocurrencies, do your research. Remember to ask when you are researching:

1. What problem is it solving?
2. Does it have the right team to solve the problem?

Avoid these signs of a bad cryptocurrency

Copy Coin: These are coins that do exactly the same as other exiting coin coins. They are coping with what as already been done by other coins. Avoid these coins.
Unqualified teams: It is best to check out the background of the team and see if they have the experience to pull off what they are suggesting in the whitepaper.
 Low trading volume: It means that not enough people are buying and selling. This is not a good sign. If you take care of the above then you should avoid the majority of coins that are scams.

I hope you have learned how you can make money with cryptocurrency. Never invest anything you can’t completely afford to lose. Keep in mind that due to a lack of regulation, you will have difficulty getting back your lost money in case of any failures.

How to Make Money With Cryptocurrency


Top 6 Crypto Lending Platform to Earn Passive Income



Top 6 Crypto Lending Platform to Earn Passive Income

If you’re looking for a crypto lending platform or make your crypto work for you to earn a passive income, you may want to consider reading on. In this article, we’ll discuss what crypto lending is, how crypto lending works, the difference between trading and lending, and the Best crypto lending platform.

Crypto lending has gained popularity over the past few months as an increasing number of investors want to earn passive income on their crypto-assets.

What is crypto lending?

Crypto lending is a process of lending fiat money or cryptocurrencies to other borrowers in exchange for interest payments. The lending process typically involves three parties: a borrower, a lender, and a platform. Those platforms connect you – the lender- with the borrower.

The borrower deposits crypto-assets as collateral which secures the lender’s investment.

How does crypto lending work?

Cryptocurrency lending services connect borrowers to lenders on their platforms. Borrowers use their crypto assets as collateral to obtain a fiat or stable coin loan, while lenders provide the assets required for the loan at an agreed-upon interest rate. Lenders receive their cryptocurrencies back once the borrower pays back the loan.

Let’s break Crypto Lending down in simple term:

  1. You sign up on one of the platforms and deposit funds to your investment account
  2. You choose your investment product and invest in secured loans
  3. The borrower repays the principal with the accrued interest back to your account.

What’s the difference between trading and lending

Crypto trading, you put money inside a cryptocurrency trading platform, such as Binance, Kucoin,, Luno, Remitano, etc. Then choose what type of cryptocurrency you wish to buy (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and make your purchase. Once the price for cryptos has gone up, you sell it back to the exchange and cash out.

Crypto lending, you lend your funds to other traders who trade with it. In return for lending, you earn an interest rate which can go from 5% to 50% per year depending on the platform.

Here are the top 6 crypto lending platform to earn passive income.

The top 6 crypto lending platform

1. CoinLoan

CoinLoan, an Estonian platform, founded in 2016 by a company called ExFinance OÜ. It is one of the first P2P crypto lending platforms for crypto-backed loans.

They have a simple setup process, bank-grade security, and they offer crypto lending and borrowing in various cryptocurrencies.  A Great thing about CoinLoan is the broad variety of cryptocurrencies supported. Borrowers just need to enter the desired amount and term to know the total repayment amount. CoinLoan offers up to 10.3% APR.

Click here to Earn an Extra 25% bonus Interest with CoinLoan

2. Binance

Binance is known worldwide as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of the trading volume. How this exchange work. You deposit crypto into your Binance account, lend it to margin traders which in turn pay you interest, and this will result in an increase of your funds.

Binance offers varieties of coins and two types of options, Flexible Savings, and Fixed Savings.

For Fixed Savings, it means you will be subscribing to locking your funds for a certain amount of time.

Flexible Savings, however, you will have the freedom to withdraw your funds at any time, and the interest rates, in this case, will vary over time. Your interest rate will be higher when you chose Fixed Savings for a longer period.

Click here to start earning with Binance + 5% bonus on trading fee

3. is an all in one platform that offers various services ranging from buying, selling, and lending cryptocurrencies.

The exchange is a provider of a service called “Crypto Earn”. They provide this service through their mobile wallet application.

Crypto Earn allows you to lock your tokens for three different terms, each returning you a different interest rate. The longer the term, the higher the interest rate. The exciting thing about this platform is that there’s no set deadline to repay the loan, and the interest rates on loans are a bit lower compared to other crypto lending platforms.

As a lender, you don’t have to worry, as you can invest your assets on this platform and watch them earn a considerable interest. has been able to achieve a high degree of customer confidence with the levels of security that they’ve built into their system.

The payouts occur on a weekly basis and are deposited directly into your wallet.

Click here to signup and start earning with + $50 free

4. Celcius Network

Celsius Network is a UK-based crypto lending platform that was launched back in 2017 as a crypto wallet and mobile application. All its features are accessible from a mobile phone and the platform is very user friendly.  Currently, users are able to buy, earn, and borrow directly on the blockchain using the Celcius Network, which is a very nice portfolio of features.

When borrowing you will get access to fiat funds by using your crypto as your collateral, and by doing so, you will be paying minimal interests. As a lender, it will generate a passive income in your Celsius Network digital wallet.

The site offers very competitive interest rates for customers and you can get up to 12% when depositing your crypto into their wallet.

Click here to earn passive income with Celcius Network

5. Nexo

Nexo is an Estonian blockchain P2P crypto lending platform.

The company was founded in 2018. The platform has established itself as a trusted name in the crypto industry, as they have succeeded in securing Licenses and Insurances for the cryptocurrency stored within their services.

Users transfer their assets into a secure Nexo wallet, and from there, those assets come under the protection of the BitGo repository.

Nexo also offers a crypto visa card that you can load your money onto, in order to spend your proceeds more easily.

Nexo is so satisfying to many that it is considered to be the leading platform in the crypto loan industry with great potential to grow to an even bigger platform with years to come.

They rely on Onfido when it comes to regulatory compliance. The company has provided $1 billion worth of instant crypto-backed loans worldwide, making it one of the most popular platforms.

Click here to start earning with Nexo

6. BlockFi

BlockFi is one of the leading lending platforms in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They offer a wide range of lending products.

The platform allows you to access a loan in a few minutes after your request, which attracts a lot of lenders and borrowers and making it very popular in the crypto market.

Also, the platform allows wire transfers that convert fiat money to stablecoin at a 1-to-1 ratio.

As a lender, l you can generate a passive income with your crypto, and also, you can withdraw your funds at any given time.

Click here to start earning with BlockFi

You can also read how to Earn Bitcoin Without Buying: 4 Simple Ways to Earn Bitcoin In 2020

Top 6 Crypto Lending Platform to Earn Passive Income
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Earn Bitcoin Without Buying: 4 Simple Ways to Earn Bitcoin In 2020



Earn Bitcoin Without Buying: 4 Simple Ways to Earn Bitcoin In 2020

How to earn bitcoin for free without buying it. Unlike many years ago when bitcoin was in double and triple digits, it’s a lot expensive to buy Bitcoins today. If there is one thing a lot of people want now is to find ways to earn bitcoin without buying it. These days, people are trying to find ways to earn bitcoin for free. In this articles, you will know the 4 ways to earn bitcoin without buying it.

In Malaysia, some can’t even afford to buy Bitcoin for as little as 0.01. To get your hands on 0.1 Bitcoin cost thousands of dollars, which might be several months salary for many people. So, is there any other way to earn Bitcoin other than buying? Let’s guide you step-by-step into the 4 ways to earn Bitcoin (free Btc) without buying in 2020.

Here are ways you can earn Bitcoin (without buying it):

1. Blockchain Job – Work for Bitcoin

The blockchain industry is bigger than the code. You can work in the blockchain if you have the skill-set to work for any company that is on the internet. Blockchain jobs are among the best paying and highly sought after job by both graduates, seasoned developers and experienced executives.

There are several platforms that provide you with job advert for blockchain. Some of the more popular crypto job platform include:

  1. Cryptojobslist – Job board site for blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  2. Angel’s list – Job board site for crypto projects.
  3. Bitwage – Payroll and HR services for getting paid in Bitcoin.
  4. Cryptojobs – Job board for freelancers that want to earn crypto for their work.
  5. – Earn Bitcoin for completing task and answering emails.
  6. – Job board for projects looking to pay in crypto
  7. – earn Bitcoin for helping people.
  8. – Job board for freelance services paid in bitcoin

2. Airdrops – Free giveaway coin

This is another way you can earn coin for free. Airdrop is a free giveaway coin in the blockchain industry. Creator send free coin to numerous crypto wallet addresses in order to drive adoptions.

New airdrops are announced nearly every month that allow people to obtain free tokens. You can always search the net for any upcoming airdrops. Here are some airdrop resource websites:

  1. – An online resource that discloses which airdrops are coming out next.
  2. airdropter – An Crypto airdrop aggregator that list which airdrops are coming out next
  3. – Is a crypto airdrop website that discloses the best coin airdrops.
  4.– A crypto airdrop aggregator site that list trusted crypto airdrops.

3. Affiliate Program – Earn Bitcoin with affiliating marketing

A lot of crypto companies and platforms offers an affiliate program. All you have to do is referring people to projects and exchanges.

You send a company users or clients and you get paid a reward. Wherever anyone joins the platform through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission. This can be a flat fee or a percentage.

Some platforms also offer affiliate earnings from users who trade on the platform. Which means for as long as the trader (that joined under your affiliate link) trades, you will earn a small commission from their trades.

Here are some of the exchange which offers affiliate commission for referring.

  1. – You get a 40% referral bonus on the trading fee that your friends paid.
  2. – Coinbase pay you $10 dollar for every customer that sign up and deposit atleast $100.
  3. Yellowcard – For every friend that you refer, you get paid 20% of trading fee when your referral buy or sell crypto
  4. Remitano – You will earn 40% commission immediately when your friend sign up and buy coins through your referral link and also another 10% commission when your friend refer others to trade on Remitano.

4. Lend Bitcoin – Earn Btc by lending

If you have some cryptocurrencies, you can lend it to earn bitcoin passively for you. Bitcoin lending is another way to earn Bitcoin.

There are several companies now that offer crypto lending service. You will earn returns by lending out your coins.

Here is are list of reputable companies you can lend your crypto and earn passive income:

  1. Binance
  2. Nexo
  3. Coinloan

I’ve covered the 4 Ways to Earn Bitcoin (Free Btc) Without Buying In 2020. The good news is that it is possible, and if you put some effort into it you can earn passive income streams.

The industry is prone to fluctuations. This can be a good thing when you stay on top of it and learn the risk that comes with it. Like having physical cash, keep your bitcoin safe and keep your bitcoin wallet safe. This may mean enabling your Google 2FA, backing up your device or keeping your antivirus updated. There are a lot of digital threats waiting for you.

There are several scams in bitcoin space that you should be aware of and try to avoid them.

You may still have some questions. If so, just leave them in the comment section below. And if you’ve tried out one of the methods above and want to share your experience with it I’d love to hear it as well.


Earn Bitcoin Without Buying: 4 Simple Ways to Earn Bitcoin In 2020
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How to Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency With Luno In Nigeria



How to Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency With Luno In Nigeria

How to Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency With Luno? Just like traditional money, you can buy bitcoin from a credible Bitcoin broker or exchange providers like, Luno, Remitano, Binance, or Kucoin.

Luno (formerly Bitx) allows users to buy, sell, store and learn about Bitcoin. This articles is for anyone who is interested in buying, selling and storing his/her Bitcoin on luno platform. Luno is the easiest platform to use as it has a simple interface as well as mobile app.

The exchange fully operates in the following countries: South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.

Bitx was founded in 2013 and was renamed to luno in 2017. It is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the world. Luno offers it customer a simple and secure way to buy, sell and store bitcoin using a built-in wallet.

The exchange support several fiat currencies such as US Dollar, Nigeria NGN, South African Rand, and British Pound Sterling.

What is Luno?

Luno is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a simple and secure platform where you can buy, sell and store bitcoin. The exchange also support fiat currency.

Luno is focused on developing countries which have proven to be lead adopters of cryptocurrency.

How do I buy or sell cryptocurrency with luno

To buy or sell cryptocurrency with luno you would first need to open an account with luno and have your identify verified.

Next, you will need to make a deposit. Your deposit will be made to your fiat currency wallet, and once that money reflects you will be able to buy cryptocurrency with that balance. Once the cryptocurrency has been bought it will be stored securely in your cryptocurrency wallet.

How to deposit your luno account

Step 1. To deposit sign in to your luno register account

Step 2. Click on wallets

Step 3. Select your local currency

Step 4. select deposit. A dialog box will open asking you how you want to make the deposit.

Step 5. Choose your preferred payment method like bank transfer or credit card.

Step 6. Put in the amount you would like to deposit and confirm the amount. Luno will withdraw the exact amount from your local bank account and the money will reflect in your luno local currency.

Once the money reflect you can buy your preferred cryptocurrencies.

How to buy cryptocurrency with luno

First you need to signup and get your account approved to buy cryptocurrency with luno. To register an account click here.

Once you have your account register, you will have to deposit in to your luno account.

To deposit you can do that in any of the two methods

1- Through your luno mobile app

2- Through luno website

Luno mobile app

Step 1. Download the App on Google play store or Apple Store

Step 2. Enter your Email and a secure password

Step 3. Click sign up

An Email will be sent to your register address for confirmation. This is to verify you are the owner of the email and that your email account is functioning.

Step 4. Go to your email account, click on the link confirm email address

Step 5. Create a new pin. You will use the pin to perform a secure action such as to transfer fund from your luno account or make an update like change your register number.

Step 6. You will be ask to register your mobile number. This is to get alert should you make a withdrawal or deposit.

Once you have fill in your number, click next and you are done. Next, you will need to deposit in to your new register account.

Luno website

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click sign in or sign up to create an account if you don’t have one

Step 3. Enter your Email and a secure password

Step 4. Click sign up

Once you have sign up and confirm your identity, you can buy any cryptocurrency supported by luno.

To buy

Step 1. Go to go to on the home page choose the crypto you want to buy and click Buy or click on wallet

Step 2. Select Buy and choose the crypto you want to buy

Step 3. Choose how you want to pay. Do you want to pay with crypto or local currency.

With local currency you can top up your account if your balance is zero. Once you have top up your account

Step 4. Enter the amount you would like to buy and

Step 5. Click next. Your account will be credited with the crypto you want to buy.

How to sell your cryptocurrency with luno

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Sign in to your luno account

Step 3. Click on Wallet

Step 4. Click on sell. A dialog box will open, choose the crypto you want to sell

Step 5. Choose the currency you would like to sell for

Step 6. Enter the amount you want to sell and click next.

Once you click next luno will immediately sell off the currency.

What is the minimum deposit for luno?

A common misconception is that you have to buy a whole Bitcoin to get started. You don’t need to buy an entire Bitcoin. You can buy a smaller amount, from as little as NGN 300.

Luno like most cryptocurrency exchanges accepts major fiat currencies such as NGN, Dollar, EUR, IDR, MYR, and ZAR. Deposits of these fiat currencies are only done through bank wire transfer or through your credit card. In addition, Luno also provides you with the option to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum directly with your credit card.

There are two methods to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or Ethereum on Luno

Minimum amounts to buy/sell on Luno

Instant Buy/Sell: Luno’s “instant buy” feature costs vary depending on your country and the amount of purchase. In Nigeria luno minimum buy/sell is 300 naira while the maximum is 1.6 million naira.

Buy and Sell through the exchange: There are no limits to the amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum you can buy or sell on Luno through the exchange

You can deposit and use small amounts of local currency to purchase Bitcoin over time. The minimum transaction amounts are:

Currency Minimum amount
MYR 2 – 3
ZAR 2 – 10
NGN 100 – 300
IDR 15.000

Note that this only implies to instant buy/sell not on the exchange.

How much does Luno charge?

Luno is an affordable place to buy, sell, store, and trade cryptocurrency. When you buy cryptocurrency, luno charge you with the current exchange rate which includes a service charge and varies depending on market conditions. Luno have a transparent fee structure, without hiding cost like some exchanges. The service charge is display to you before you confirm an instant buy transaction. The following are the fees luno charges.

Depositing of money

When depositing money into your fiat currency wallet, luno charge you based on the fiat payment method you selected. For instance in Nigeria, PayU Card charges 1.58%, Paystack is 1.50%, and Flutterwave NGN 300.

Withdrawing money

When you withdraw fiat currency from your luno account to your bank account, luno charge you a small fee of NGN 200. This charges is made by luno financial partners.

Sending and receiving cryptocurrency

The fee in sending Bitcoin is dynamic, luno charges you to ensure your transaction is processed quickly. It’s free to receive bitcoin, however, any bitcoin that you received that is lower than 0.0001, luno will charge an equivalent receiving fee. This is to combat dust attacks.

Buy or sell cryptocurrency

When you buy or sell cryptocurrency, a service charge will apply and Luno display the full price that you will pay for the transaction. This includes the risk of a price change between when you enter the amount you want to buy or sell and when you confirm the transaction. Luno takes this charges in cryptocurrencies, which is calculated from the amount you want to buy or sell

Is luno safe to buy or sell cryptocurrency?

Successful criminals stay ahead of law enforcement and regulation. They operate on the fringes of technological innovation and take advantage of people who are still learning. Therefore, as with any new technology, there are risks associated with cryptocurrencies. Luno is safe to buy or sell any supported cryptocurrencies. Since have been using luno have not had any issues with luno. The platform is easy and secure to use. Luno provide strong security to protect your account from scammers.

Luno make it upon themselves to keep your bitcoin safe. But only you can keep your password safe.

Beware of phishing attack. ‘Phishing’ is an attack whereby criminals use legitimate-looking fake websites to trick you into entering your password / details. They then use your password to access your account.


Luno allows users to buy or sell, store and learn about cryptocurrency. The exchange offers a simple and secure platform where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency. The exchange also support fiat currency.

Luno have a transparent fee structure, without hiding cost like some exchanges. When you buy cryptocurrency, luno charge you with the current exchange rate which includes a service charge and varies depending on market conditions.

The platform is easy and secure to use and Luno make it upon themselves to keep your bitcoin safe. But remember only you can keep your password safe.

How to Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency With Luno In Nigeria
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